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It’s your time to shine!

Anxiety and depression are states of being that arise from painful thoughts and emotions. Therapy aims to reframe thoughts and regulate emotions. Initially skills are taught for managing discomfort and providing relief. This happens alongside a deeper exploration into the root cause of your distress.

As an individual, you experience life in a unique way. In therapy, we will look at how temperament, personality and environment affect the way you think and feel. Some of these factors are in our control and others aren’t. An awareness and understanding of that guides us towards healing action.

Behaviors are driven by thoughts and emotions. In turn, the way we behave impacts the way we think and feel. Compulsive or addictive behaviors can distract from uncomfortable thoughts and emotions initially, but end up compounding them in the long run. In therapy, we look at how you want to live your life and devise a plan for doing just that.

Hey there, I'm Amy Turk

I deeply care about you. You are the expert on you and your experience. I will listen carefully and empower you to be the driving force behind your recovery. I draw from all of the therapeutic treatment modalities to tailor a unique treatment plan for each client.

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”


The purpose of therapy is not to change who you are, but rather to accept yourself just as you are. From that place, we begin to change the way we think, feel and act.

Individualized therapy with mindfulness.

I draw from many different treatment modalities and tailor the approach to each person’s needs. Mindfulness cultivates an awareness of the internal experience and addresses the connection between the mind and body in mental health.


Adverse life events result in maladaptive core beliefs. EMDR engages the body, where traumatic input is stored, to facilitate processing through talk therapy.

Mission Statement

As a therapist, I am dedicated to improving people’s lives.

Meeting needs

I believe that everyone needs to be deeply seen and heard. Together, we will look at what you need to feel safe and comfortable in your skin. Anxiety and depression arise when we have unmet needs and maladaptive coping mechanisms are an attempt to meet these. We can identify unmet needs and find healthier ways to address them through the therapeutic process.


Through validation and unconditional positive regard, I will guide you towards self-compassion. Anxiety and depression stem from thinking we are not doing enough or that we are not doing things well enough. We feel like we are letting people down, like we are a failure, or that we are worthless. Therapy helps us see that we are enough.

Being present is a gift of therapy

Mindfulness helps us connect to the experience of being in our body. We learn to soothe feelings of anxiousness through physical interventions, such as breath or movement. When we engage in everyday moments more fully, without the distraction of anxious thoughts, we find joy in life.

A new perspective

Old thought patterns are understood as a way to survive in challenging times. When they don’t serve us anymore, we move in a different direction. The way we think, feel and behave all go together. Through therapy, all three are changed so that we can lead happier and more fulfilled lives.

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